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Speed ThinkingWhy You Should Attend This Course:

In a time-poor world when you simply have to deliver more and more in less and less time, everyone needs to learn this new skill and tool. Speed Thinking and its tool Blitz has been developed by international author, speaker and consultant, Dr Ken Hudson.

Speed Thinking will help you think on your feet, gain more confidence in presentations and help you and your team generate amazing ideas - in minutes!

Speed Thinking is based on insights from Dr Hudson's workshops with managers & leaders for over 10 years. Speed Thinking has been taught in schools, universities and to corporate leaders at organisations such as Baxter Health Care, Roche, Suzanne Grae, TNT, MYOB, and Hilton. Speed Thinking and Blitz is the ideal way for any individual, group or team to achieve more in less time, solve problems, make decisions and generate big, new ideas in minutes.

Dr Hudson will also be discussing how to make the most of Blitz Mobile. It is fast, free and fun to use. Check it out before the course! 

Also check out his latest videos on:

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Unlock higher levels of creativity and productivity in yourself and with your group / team
  • Acquire a new skill / tool that will help you achieve more success at work, studies and in life; it will stop you from procrastinating
  • Gain experience and greater confidence in solving problems, making decisions and generating ideas – in minutes
  • If you use Mind Mapping or 6 Thinking Hats, you will enjoy the extra creativity and practical use of this new way of thinking and tool kit. It will complement your existing knowledge and tool kit.

Course Outline:

  • What is Speed Thinking?
  • The Insight behind it
  • The key principles
  • What problem does it solve?
  • Speed Thinking vs. Traditional Thinking
  • Speed Thinking vs. Intuition
  • The Magic formula – 9 in 2 minutes
  • The 5 steps
  • The starting template
  • Who can use Speed Thinking?
  • When to use Speed Thinking?
  • What are the benefits?
  • The tool of Speed Thinking – Blitz
  • How to run a group face to face Blitz
  • What to Blitz with real examples
  • Who and when to Blitz
  • Individual and Group Blitz Exercise
  • How Blitz fits with mindmapping, brainstorming & 6 thinking hats
  • Using Blitz to generate powerful new ideas
  • Using Blitz to solve problems in more original ways
  • Using Blitz to make better, faster decisions
  • Trust yourself & others
  • How to introduce and embed Blitz at work, study and in your life
  • Summary and Key points

Who Will Benefit?

  • Managers, team or project leaders and executives will learn how to enhance the performance of their groups or teams
  • Business owners will learn how to make better faster decisions
  • Marketing professionals will enjoy being able to solve their client and customer problems in a more effective way
  • Anyone in advertising, innovation, PR, new product development or media will learn how to generate big, new ideas quickly
  • Marketing and business students will learn how to overcome their procrastination habit and get started on their assignments and group projects

Trainer’s Profile:

This course has been designed by Dr Ken Hudson, former marketing director at American Express and international author, speaker and trainer. He has a PhD in Organisational Creativity and has published 3 books on idea generation that have been published in 9 countries. He specialises in unlocking creativity and innovation in individuals, groups & teams quickly.

Dr Hudson invented and taught Marketing Creativity at the University of Technology, Sydney for 10 years at a post-graduate level (as a part-time lecturer). He is Australia's leading authority on creativity & innovation and believes that every individual, group, team and organisation has a latent potential for greater creativity & innovation.

He has been interviewed by Business Review Weekly, ABC Radio, The Australian Financial Review, The Boss Magazine and contributed many articles for Marketing Magazine, HR Monthly, Leading Company and Fast Thinking, about creativity, innovation & speed thinking.

25 Sep 2019
11 Dec 2019
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  • Time: 9am - 5pm
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