1. What is MIS?

MIS stands for Marketing Institute of Singapore. We're the National Body for Sales and Marketing, established in 1973 and the first in the Asia-Pacific region to achieve ISO 9000 certification in 1996. Our vision is to create marketers through quality education and by connecting a community of marketers.

2. What types of membership does MIS have?

MIS offers 3 types of membership, namely Ordinary, Fellow and Corporate.

3. Who can apply for the membership?

Any person or organisation that satisfies the criteria as determined by the Governing Council, will be eligible for the membership. Click here for details of the different membership categories.

4. What are the benefits and privileges I can look forward to being a MIS member?

As a MIS member, you enjoy special rates for membership events, as well as the Executive Development Programmes. You will also be updated with the latest happenings in the marketing industry through our quarterly magazine, The Singapore Marketer, as well as monthly e-Marketer newsletter. Click here to view full listing of MIS Membership privileges.

5. Is a MISTC student a member of MIS?

Yes, a MIS student holds an affiliate membership.

6. Are the student membership benefits different from individual members?

A student affiliate membership does not entitle one to participate and vote in the Annual General Meeting, while the other membership levels are entitled that privilege. Students (Affiliate) Members are also not allowed in the MIS Jackpot Room.

7. What are the differences between an individual member and corporate member?

An individual membership only allows the name-bearer to enjoy the benefits, while a corporate membership allows all employees to enjoy the benefits.

8. How is a member eligible to upgrade their membership?

A member may at any point in time, upgrade their affiliate membership to an ordinary membership. Whereas fellow membership will only be conferred by the MIS Governing Council, on a case-to-case basis.

9. How does one become a fellow member?

Interested members are required to write a letter of recommendation and submit their curriculum vitae and letter of recommendation to the MIS Governing Council. Criteria of fellow membership must be fulfilled:

  • Possess at least 5 years of experience in a Senior Management role in Sales, Marketing, Business Development or General Management
  • Must be an ordinary member for at least 10 years
  • Of good standing and conduct
  • One-page write-up to support the conferment
  • Fellows of Chartered Institute of Marketing or similar institutions of high standing will be considered

10. How do I apply for the membership?

To apply for membership, click here or call 6327 7580 or email membership@mis.org.sg to sign up.

11. How much does the membership cost?

Membership Category Entrance Fee Annual Subscription Total after GST
Ordinary $150 $100 $267.50
Corporate $500 $200 $749

To view latest MIS Membership promotion rates, please click here.

12. How do I make payment?

Payment can be made via cash, cheque or credit card.

13. When will my membership be activated?

We will take 7 working days to process your application upon receipt of your completed membership application form.

14. How do I renew my membership?

To renew your membership, click here or simply submit your membership renewal form with payment details.

15. How long do I have to wait for my MIS Membership card to be ready?

Your MIS membership card will be mailed out to you within 1 week.

16. If I am a foreigner, am I eligible to apply for the MIS Membership?

Yes, all foreigners are eligible for the membership.

17. When do I need to present my MIS Membership card?

You are required to present your MIS membership card during events and library usage at the campus. You will also need to indicate your MIS membership number when registering for MIS Executive Development Training Programmes.

18. Is a member allowed to vote during the AGM?

Only Ordinary, Fellow and Corporate members are allowed to vote during the AGM.

19. If I have forgotten to bring my membership card, can I produce my Identity Card or quote my membership no.?

In event of the absence of membership card, members will be allowed to provide their I/C number or MIS membership number for verification.

20. What if my membership card is damaged, lost or stolen?

You may write in to request for a new card. Each card is replaceable for a fee of $10.

21. How do I receive MIS news/events?

You will be updated of MIS news/events via The Singapore Marketer (quarterly magazine), monthly e-Marketer newsletter, our e-flyers. You can also refer to MIS website on www.mis.org.sg for the latest updates.

22. Under what circumstances will my membership be disqualified?

Your membership will be disqualified in the event of membership lapse of more than 6 months.

23. Can I attend the courses and events if I do not sign up for membership?

Yes, you may attend the courses and events if you are not a MIS member. However, you will not enjoy the special rates offered only to members.

24. Where can I go/who can I contact if I have any enquiries regarding my membership after I have become a member?

For any enquiries, contact us at 6327 7580, or send us an email at membership@mis.org.sg.

25. If I am interested in courses conducted by MIS, where can I enquire?

For any training / education enquiries, you may email seminars@mis.org.sgeducation@mis.edu.sg or call 6327 7580 to talk to our friendly consultants.