Business Management

Why You Should Attend This Course:

The baseline of all businesses is the ability to generate sales revenue and profits. Sales revenue is a function of cost of sales and gross sales receipts; hence businesses are continuously looking for innovative ways to both lower the cost of sales and increase sales revenue.

While there are various advantages to keeping an in-house sales team, the major drawback is often the high fixed cost that leaves companies highly inflexible in reacting to downturns of the businesses cycle. To streamline business structures, companies thus explore the option of outsourcing sales and selling through an agent to reduce the cost of sales and to increase fluidity to their business structures.

In order to explore this option, businesses must understand the pitfalls and legal liabilities of selling through an agent. This course will be beneficial to business owners, sales and marketing managers as well as agents, to understand the key roles and responsibilities of all parties in an agency relationship.  


Learning Outcome:

At the end of the lesson, learners are expected to:

1. Understand how an agency relationship is formed and terminated

2. Identify the different types of agency appointment

3. Examine the pros and cons of selling through an agent

4. Identify the parties involved in an agency relationship

5. Define the authority of the agent

6. Understand the legal liabilities and responsibilities of the Principle and Agent through case studies

7. Assess the performance of the agents


Course Outline:

This course will examine how an agency relationship is formed, the different types of appointment and how it can be terminated.

Learners will examine the various pros and cons of outsourcing sales and understand the legal liabilities and responsibilities of a business when selling through an agent so that businesses can prevent making costly legal mistakes. This course will also explore how businesses should monitor the performance of the agents to fulfil corporate objectives.

This course covers theories as well as application to case studies and is crafted and contextualised to businesses against the backdrop of the Law of Agency. Learners can expect a combination of lectures, case illustrations and group work for this course.


Who Will Benefit?

1. Business owners

2. Sales and Marketing Managers

3. Agents


Trainer's Profile:

Cheryl Sum is a consultant and corporate trainer who specialises in areas of marketing, sales strategies and performance improvement. Some of her clients include Property Developers and Small, Medium Enterprises across various sectors in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

To date, Cheryl has worked closely with businesses to provide marketing, branding and public relation solutions, and is actively coaching and training business proprietors and agents to improve sales performances. In 2017, Cheryl was appointed as business coach for a start-up incubator programme, an economic initiative supported by the Saigon Innovation Hub in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam where she coached and consulted in areas of business and sales channels strategies.

Cheryl is also an Associate Lecturer who conducts digital marketing and real estate courses in tertiary institution. Cheryl has been conferred the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) accredited by Workforce Singapore.


21 Aug 2020
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  • Time: 9am - 5pm
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