The ability to influence others is one of the most important life-skills to have.  When you have that sort of effect on others, you have power - in the sense when you speak, people will want to listen to what you have to say, are open to see and perhaps agree with your point of view, want to work and co-operate with you.  With such power – one that is not borne of force but of a strength within you – it becomes much easier to achieve the truly important things in work and in life.  And such skills are learned traits!  In this highly interactive workshop, we discuss and highlight how to build trust and long-term relationships by showing you how to tailor your approach to assert positive influence on your intended audience. 


  • Build value with others through own preferred style of influencing
  • Gain practice in soft skills to understand, adapt & flex styles in influencing
  • Learn to work with resistance for positive outcomes
  • Distinguish key situations where they can apply the influencing principles in their own environment


  • Understanding positive influencing
  • Characteristics of a good influencer
  • Looking in in reaching out to influence: Know thyself well
  • Communicate to influence: Understand personality preferences & needs of stakeholders
  • Exploring influencing styles: B.R.A.I.N. model
  • Getting on the right foot: Perception management & building rapport
  • Influencing relationship: The three-steps influential process & the seven-techniques of persuasion
  • Bringing it together:  Techniques in action
  • Influencing outcome: Negotiation, speaking assertively & confidently, overcoming resistance with reframing
  • Bringing it altogether: Your influencing scenario

Course Fee

* The class offers in-class or virtual learning

  • Time: 9am - 5pm
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