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Have you ever wondered what a particular contract clause or term actually means? Why are certain clauses so commonly found in some commercial or business contracts? Being unsure on the meaning and interpretation of a contractual term or provision is too risky for your business and work. Poorly drafted contracts do not provide protection and may lead to contractual disputes and litigation, arbitration or mediation later on. Learn the structure of modern commercial contracts from recitals to commercial provisions and boilerplates (standard protective clauses).

This 2-day course provides participants with a practical guide on the meaning and purpose as well as interpretation of contractual terms and clauses and their possible variations. Participants will be taken through clause by clause found in a commercial contract including employment contracts and tenancy agreements.

This course will not only highlight the pitfalls, but participants will also be given an analysis of sample agreements to address the common issues arising in commercial contracts together with standard form precedents and the interpretation of contract clauses. At the end of the course, you will understand the meaning of each clause found in a commercial contract. You do not need to have prior legal knowledge to attend this course.

** Prior to attending this course, participants should preferably have completed:

** Upon completion of this course, participants may progress to attend:

  • Contract Administration & Management
  • Contract Compliance - Increasing Contract Management Skills, Variations & Dispute Strategies in Covid-19     climate: Effectively Monitoring Contracts throughout its Life-cycle


08 - 09 Nov 2021
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* This class offers virtual learning only

  • Time: 9am - 5pm
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