In recent years there has been a considerable debate on the role of marketing in competitive strategy. Numerous research findings suggest that marketing capabilities influence both the innovation intensity and competitive advantage of the firm, and that marketing capabilities should be considered as the complementary assets which contribute to superior firm performance.

Global Chinese Marketing Federation (GCMF) provides theMarketing Capability Index Assessment System, developed by the Global Branding and Marketing Research Center at the National Taiwan University and the Taiwan Institute of Marketing Science (TIMS), to examine the marketing capabilities of a firm. To summarize a firm's present marketing strategies and related activities though a 15-minutes online questionnaire, the firm then will be able to differentiate the current status of its marketing capabilities.

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What is the Marketing Capability Index (MCI) Assessment System?

The Marketing Capability Index (MCI) Assessment System is built upon the 4-dimensions evaluation. Integrating 4 major marketing constructs, including Product Strategy, Promotion Strategy, Marketing Research and Customer Relationship. The system closely examines all the marketing strategies of the organization, such as Segmentation, (New) Product Development, Brand Development, Sales Force, Public Relations, Communication, Sales Promotion, Market Analysis, Customer Relationship Management and Service etc. Derived from answers that you give while answering all the items listed in the questionnaire, the system will determine that to which type of the firm it should categorize this specific organization. In general, firms can be categorized as one of these four types judged by their overall marketing capability performance, that is Original Organization (Level A+), Master Organization (Level B), Attention Organization (Level C) or Transforming Organization (Level D).

Based on the statistical analysis report given by the MCI Assessment System, the firm can have further interpretations on its strength and weakness. Customized course mapping of on-the-job training or advanced learning programs can also be suggested accordingly. The system enables the firm to establish a long-term tracking mechanism through periodic assessment and to continuously grow.



Original Organization (Level A+)
Marketing Capability Index is high.
Firms embrace strong marketing concepts in their core and freely apply a range of variety of marketing strategies. Brand equity is vital to the successful business.

Master Organization (Level A)
Marketing Capability Index is high-medium.
Firms are marketing-oriented and master some general marketing strategies.

Attention Organization (Level B)
Marketing Capability Index is medium.
Firms share some basic marketing principles; however, they’re merely on the average understanding the purpose of the marketing strategies.

Transforming Organization (Level C)
Marketing Capability Index is low.
Firms are relatively short of marketing strategies and lack of coherence in use of marketing practice or approach.